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Hey. My name is Jay

I am web-designer and
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If you need some design work or full website development, you in the right place!

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Hello, everyone! My name is Jay Hafling, and I am 26 years old of age. I am a Ukrainian freelance web designer with over 8 years work experience in the web industry. Once being just a hobby, web design has become my passionate job and full time occupation. By now I’ve completed a lot of projects which you can find in my portfolio and I’m ready to help your business to meet the goals and needs. My clients’ satisfaction is a prominent criterion of good work. I’d like to think I can make this world a little bit nicer and more attractive to people.

Satisfied with your website’s design? I’m a qualified web designer and developer. I’m good in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, XHTML, and CSS. I never stop learning and mastering new skills. It has become an exciting and enjoyable process of learning and self-development.

I will be happy to take on your project and deliver high quality results. Please, share the details with me on Skype (jay.hafling) or send them via a  contact form. I will immediately get back to you.

Jay Hafling