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Cute and creative web layouts

04 December 2013

It goes without saying that to create a good website, one should take into account the key web design basics. Abidance by rules will unlikely result in web design failure. But let’s start from the foundation of any site and discuss it more substantively. I’m talking about website layout. It is the layout that guides web users through all the sections and brings them to the most important areas. It also determines the aesthetic look of the site. These are all the reasons why it’s so important to carefully think over the right layout before actually building a site.

And despite creativity and originality are very welcome in web design industry, they shouldn’t get in the way of website usability. A designer with years of experience knows how important it is to put themselves in users’ shoes, test all the features and see how they compliance with the rest elements. The same rule is applied when we talk about website layout. What is the message you’d like to convey to the end audiences? What would you like people see straight away when they arrive at your home page?  Make sure you’ve got the answers to all these questions before starting to design a site. It’s not a secret that layout is going to shape the rest of the site.

A range of existing layouts strikes with its variability. They are constantly created, modified and updated to impress the end-users in a positive way and attract their attention immediately. However, it’s essential to make sure that your layout ideally suits a site concept.

I’d like to give a few examples of great layouts. Today the usage of 3d elements and line animations are widely used to catch users’ attention and encourage them to make an action on the site. Grids and side bars can give a more open feel where a user would feel comfortable and confident.  Another original idea is to combine Paper and Paint textures. Frequently designers hide navigation and it appears on the screen only when you select a color scheme.  Newsweek is a popular layout used for informational websites. The layout is usually separated in a few sections which don’t necessarily follow the same grid.

5 web design colors that are capable to instantly draw people’s attention

25 November 2013

People are still uncertain what website element has got more value with regards to website effectiveness. Content has always been a king, but is it a king now? If you ask my opinion, I would agree on the importance of the content, but there’s something else that’s not less important! It’s a book cover. And despite a well-known saying “don’t judge a book by its cover”, the cover itself plays a big role in web design. Otherwise, how would you grab people’s attention other than with using attractive and fancy cover? When you’ve managed to draw someone’s attention, you can leave the rest to the content.


There are certain tricks and web design colors that may help you manipulate people’s emotions. What are they? I will tell you more specifically about them further on. When having a website, all entrepreneurs are concentrated on conversion. There can be your subscribe button, the follow up button or even the buy button that you would want to stand out from the rest of the content. No matter what your call-to-action button is, people will click it only if you make them feel right on your website. Learn the five most popular web design colors that have positive impact on website visitors and leave them deeply engaged.


Undoubtedly, red is known to be the hottest color. It’s a very strong and dynamic color that is able to make people passionate about anything closely located around red. You may often see red in sales promotions, as this color somehow creates a feeling of urgency. However, be careful and don’t overdo with red. Too much of intensive red may easily turn your visitors off the site.


Orange is less intensive than red but very energizing and warm. It’s a very vibrant and friendly color that would leave your visitors inspired, stimulated, cheerful, creative and enthusiastic.

Have you noticed that most business and corporate websites go blue? On the contrary to red color, blue leaves us calm and secure. Every business that wants to make customers feel in the long term partnership prefers to use blue.

Green is another very popular web design color frequently used by designers for websites somehow related to money sphere or natural environment. Green gives relaxing and very optimistic feeling. It represents balance and harmony.

One of the most popular colors used for fashion, lingerie and beauty websites is purple. It’s very vivid and noble. It’s also more romantic and feminine than masculine. Purple color is often associated with royalty and wealth. Yahoo, for example, splashes a lot of purple!

How you should talk to your clients in order to be hired

21 November 2013

Some years ago, blogging used to be a hobby of teenagers, however these time are gone in the past. Nowadays professional entrepreneurs are interested in having their own blogs to interact with targeted audiences and promote a business website in the search engines. But the question is, do you know how to talk to your potential clients? What does it actually mean to freelance web designers? There are thousands of people out there on the web who are ready to invest money in a custom web design for their blogs. Therefore, it’s vitally important to be able to talk to your potential clients and post the content which is important for them!

Freelance web designers should clearly understand the difference between two concepts: features and benefits. Features are known as the qualities of a product or services while benefits are the benefits that a potential client will get upon using this product or services. In practice, all the buying decisions that people make are based on the benefits they are going to get. The idea that most clients focus mostly on features is wrong. They don’t really care! Their fundamental desire is to make more money, get more clients and spend less energy and time.

I will be honest with you, a lot of web designers have no idea whatsoever what their clients really want. They usually talk to their clients using the language they don’t understand. People who are willing to hire a web designer not designers themselves. They don’t know about HTML5, jQuery, CSS, Joomla, etc. They don’t need to know about all these things. They should have an idea what benefits they will achieve in this or that case. Otherwise, you will struggle to get clients.

What do all entrepreneurs usually want? This question is easy to answer. Despite gender identity, everyone who’s got a blog want: more subscribers, more traffic and more sales. As a web designer you should help your clients get more subscribers and revenue.

To go or not to go for Joomla

14 November 2013

If your plan is to create a network or community with membership functionality, forums, articles, comments and input from external writers, Joomla is a great choice, because it’s originally been made this way. Without knowledge of HTML, anyone is able to create a good navigation structure of the site. You can play with all the settings, activate dates, names, set expiration dates of the articles, etc.

With Joomla you’ll be equipped with all the tools needed to properly arrange website structure and its functionality. Joomla gives you a lot of power. However, you may need to get a good book on Joomla to learn all the options in the admin section and effectively use them on the site. Frankly speaking, even well-seasoned web developers have to investigate Joomla cms before they can work with its layout system. There are thousands of video tutorials that you can watch on YouTube and learn how to use multi-lingual functionality of Joomla cms. Of course, if you don’t want to get that deep in all these niceties, you can purchase a professional layout template at affordable rates. Alternatively, you can ask a professional developer to do this job for you.

The weak point is though, a difficulty to import articles from one site to another. It can be really problematic to move from one version of content management system to another. The other problem is complexity of the core system itself. With all the upgrades that Joomla brings on a regular basis, it’s always risky to end up with broken extensions.

This is where WordPress may appear way more user-friendly and adjustable. Its interface is easy-to-understand. You wouldn’t even need to buy a book to understand all the options. One of the most user-friendly platforms that’s initially being used only for blogs has turned into a powerful system often used as a regular website.

Go for WordPress to arrange your content

06 November 2013

Undoubtedly, today WordPress is the most popular cms. According to the statistics more and more users choose WordPress to run their websites. Consequently, they find it quite difficult to switch to another platform. And it’s not surprising. WordPress cms is very user-friendly and easy-to use. An average user with minimum knowledge of web development and design can manage the content using administration panel of WordPress. Why is WordPress cms so popular? There are many reasons one could mention. Here are the key factors you should know about it:

A variety of plugins

The web changes and grows every day, hence the requirements for websites become more regit. What was good in the past is not sufficient in the present times. WordPress development though offers its users a wide range of plug-in features to improve website functionality and make the interface sophisticated. The good thing about plug-in features is that they don’t require a lot of expertise and technical knowledge. All you need to do is to install them, and that’s it. Simple, isn’t it?

A variety of themes

The range of themes available on WordPress is incredible. If you google on the Internet, you will see what I mean. There are hundreds of people who work in the industry and share their themes online. Some of the themes may cost you money whilst others are offered absolutely free of charge. As a rule, the paid themes look more elaborate and appealing.  All WordPress themes can be customized and improved. Experienced users who know some web design basics may actually work on the look of the site themselves. If not, refer to a WordPress custom designer who would customize the theme according to the needs and requirements of a customer at affordable rates.

WordPress is also used to generate leads. When arranging the content you can link your blogs and articles to any part of your content. By doing so, you’ll have more chances to attract new visitors to the site and increase the traffic.

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