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13 February 2009

Hello, fiends! :)
How are you?

Today i was speak with Jitendra Vyas and he said: “Will be good if i will put themes psd sources”.
I Said: “Ok, i will” :)

You can download tham here:
Red Star: Demo | PSD Sources *.rar archive
Green Blood: Demo | PSD Sources *.rar archive
Urban Life: Demo | PSD Sources *.rar archive
Retromania: Demo | PSD Sources *.rar archive

Thank you very much for your time! ;)

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  • http://hi Arpana

    Hi jay,

    it just happened to me to come across ur design thru smashing magazine, its awesome!! believe me, ur design is so creative, still very neat n clean, it give u a feeling of joy, well probably coz of vibrant colors u’ve used, myself a web designer, a visualizer and yess a lil bit knowledge abt css and div’s :) but more more into concepts creation.
    keep it up with ur creativity

  • Jay Hafling

    Thank you very much :)

  • http://hi Arpana

    hi jay,

    ur name sounds so much indian, :) well i hail from mumbai, India. you can chk me on

  • Jay Hafling

    He-he :D No, i am Ukranian :)

    • Jay Hafling

      Test comment

      • Jay Hafling

        Test 2

  • http://hi Arpana

    :) would like to know more abt you, u only do freelancing or r u associated with any other firm as well.