My name is Jay, I'm a freelance web designer from Ukraine. I have worked as a designer for the past 15 years. Over the years I helped lots of companies, from startups to well-established brands to visualize their services and products, find their personality and stand out of the crowd.

My passion about creating and searching for new creative visual solutions, great experience and knowledge of technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, WordPress, ReactJs, React Native, Ruby and Python (with their frameworks) makes me flexible and multidisciplinary professional and helps me to solve tasks of different complexity in creative and professional way, and include trusted professionals in our team for a productive collaboration on projects.

Our Team

few words about our team

For the last years we're working, travelling and creating cool new experiences in a team with my wife Valerie, which makes us twice more powerful and much more flexible, each of us has it's own unique set of skills, experience, and vision, which gave a life for a good number of projects to be proud of – you can find it in our portfolio. We're always ready for new exciting challenges, if you're interested in a productive collaboration – get in touch to discuss your project.