Attractive Web Design

What makes my websites stand out from the rest is their functionality and visual appeal. You won’t find cluttered menus and overloaded layouts. Everything is arranged in a way to attract visitors and clearly convey the message. Implementation of design tricks intrigue visitors and excite them to learn more about your business and product. I’d be happy to deliver a custom design solution for you.

Technical Support

Maintenance of WordPress-driven website is not a difficult job at all. However, most “fresh” users may feel quite uncomfortable and confused when trying to get control over it for the first time. From now on, you shouldn’t worry about technical part of website maintenance. WordPress install, multiple add-ons, themes and plugins — this all will be out of your responsibility and included in the service I provide.

WordPress Integration

All my clients who I work with know how good WordPress platform is. If you’d like to effectively maintain a website yourself and do not ask for professional help, WordPress CMS is what you need. It’s a friendly-to-use content management system that enables users to easily update their sites, expand functionality and change the entire look of landing pages.

Clear SEO Coding

My WordPress web designs are all seo optimized and bug-free. I know just how important it is to have good visibility in search engines, and I help my clients to hold the leading positions. With good understanding of web standards and seo requirements, I write the codes that are initially seo friendly. This means that you will save your money and yet, achieve visibility in the world net.