Every blogger wants to have a popular blog. Whatever the factors are that motivate your blogging activity you wouldn’t want to be the only visitor to your website. In all honesty, you would want to see it on the top positions, mentioned everywhere, referred and linked to by others, etc. Besides, you would be interested not only in attracting people to your website but also keeping them coming back repeatedly. A lot of things could be mentioned here, but a simple fact is, everything you really want is to be a successful blogger.

The 5 necessary steps you should go through to create a successful and popular blog

  • As a beginning you need to think of a short and memorable domain name. Don’t over-complicate things. All unpronounceable, long and twisted domain names won’t serve you a good business. You might not believe it but there are people who won’t come to your blog ever again only because of your domain name. If it’s hard to pronounce, it’s never going to be easy to memorize. Certainly, you need to think of the ways to cajole the search engines but the priority still would be to favour your visitors. Therefore, if you’d like to have a popular blog, the first important step would be to choose the right and simple domain name.
  • Have a premium and beautifully simple theme. I don’t mean to say that the use of free themes is a bad practice. However, installing a premium theme on your blog would greatly help you to gain much more benefits. At first, you would manage to positively affect your visitors. Carefully planned and custom designed themes have an effective impact, therefore you should think of giving beauty and comfort to your readers.
  • Content is another necessary step to go through. You need to make sure that the content you provide your readers with is top-notch. Any information that you give on the site should be clear, logical and easy-to-understand. If the visitors find your content useful and informative, you can win their trust right away.
  • It’s important to retain your readers longer on the site. How much time your visitors spend on the site is directly dependent on quality and accessibility of the site. You may have very interesting information on the website, but without proper shortcuts users won’t be able to access it. Therefore, think of all the search tools, related articles boxes, widgets that show most popular blogs, etc.that would facilitate the navigation process of your users.
  • Encourage the repeat visitors. It’s not enough to obtain a memorable domain name and install a great-looking template to create a popular blog. You would also need to develop some other effective strategies that will keep your website users coming back. The strategies you may think of can include:

– RSS subscription;
– List building;
– Reply to comments;
– Plugins that would notify about new comments and comment replies;
– Building healthy relationship with other bloggers.

You should not forget that having repeat visitors is an important condition to own a popular blog.