So you’ve decided to build a website. If you’re like the majority of people, you’ve probably given a lot of thinking to the way your website is going to look, and not as much to how it’s going to function. If you want your website to work for your business and attract the targeted market, it has to contain the key information and certain tools that would help you to achieve your business objectives. Here is a list of tools that your website must have.

A clean and coherent home page. You’ve got just a few seconds to make a first impression, thus, make sure that you clearly display all the information, your product and service, a call to action such as subscribe, free gift, “share it” button, etc. The content-heavy websites are usually out of favour of the Internet users.

The address of your business. The address has got to include zip code and city. The store hours and phone numbers are also very helpful. Place this information on every page if it’s possible. If not, at least make sure that your home page and contact page contains your contact details. Present this information in the form of a text, not an image. Search engines can’t read the images.

Details about the service that you provide. If you own a hairdresser’s, make sure your website presents the services and the price list. If your website represents a restaurant, it’s got to have a menu.

Facebook and twitter icons. Link social networking services to your accounts and keep them active. That’s one of the most effective ways to promote, advertise your company and reach out for wider audiences on web.

Media files. It’s true that not every business really need to incorporate media files on their websites and yet, in the modern days visitors expect a little bit more than just a plain text when they go to a website. The costs are sensible and affordable. Besides, the entire process of adding a video file to the site is not that complex anymore. HTML5 and Flash should be included in the site, the experts say, so that your media can be read on various devices.

Meta titles and tags have to be clear and meaningful. They should provide a good description whilst coming up in the search engines.