A website needs to succeed on many levels to be able to entice the target market to your business. Without a professional approach, your website has very little chance to establish itself on the Internet and stick to visitors’ memory. Besides, content is the key element. Upon having poor content, you give no reason to your visitors to stay long on the site. Keep in mind that people need to see what you offer. With the lack of reasons to return, they might never have an interest to visit your website again.

Catch your visitors’ attention. You’ve got literally five seconds to impress your potential customers. That’s absolutely right, only five seconds. It’s not long enough for a visitor to read the content and understand the message that you try to convey on your site. However, it’s enough for them to emotionally react to the layout, design, colour and navigation. If you failed to catch people’s attention by then, they will click away from your website and probably will never come back again.

Smart web designers use various elements such as rotating images and catchy slogans to catch visitors’ attention. Fonts, activities, images, everything should appeal to the visitor who you’re trying to reach out. Besides, relevance is important. If your website provides funeral services, vivid colours would definitely look stupid and inappropriate. If your website is supposed to target teenagers, washed-out colours are not advisable at all.

There are a lot of nuances that should be taken into account when designing a website. Those companies that are selling high-priced products need a lot of space to look spacious and rich when discount websites do well with crowded web designs. That’s the reason why it’s important to find a qualified web designer who understands the concept of your business and its objectives.

Stickiness is another important element that a professional web developer needs to incorporate in web design. The term “stickiness” belongs to technical jargon. That’s basically the techniques that are used to keep your visitors on a website. Ideally, you need to retain your visitors for at least a few minutes. Otherwise, they won’t get an idea of what you offer.

According to various research, a lot of people don’t buy on the early visits. Today a lot of people use a website to research before making a decision whether to buy or not a product in a real life store. Others use websites to compare the prices and quality. Therefore, you need to give your visitors good reasons to return to your website. Remember about importance of the first impression! You’ve got a few seconds only!