More and more people are starting to use their mobile phones to access the Web. Morgan Stanley, the analyst, says that if the smartphone sales continue at the same pace they’re sold in the present days, by 2015 the number of mobile users will exceed the desktop internet users.

Most smartphones can access the internet, however the experience the users get is less than perfect. Most websites are simply not designed for mobile phones. Therefore, if you create a mobile website, you will get an access to a bigger number of users and have a huge leap on your competitors.

Nowadays, web developers and designers can no longer afford to ignore mobile web usage. Besides, today people quite often skip over buying a PC and go straight to mobile. That’s basically the main reason why it’s absolutely important to provide mobile users with quality service. The mobile development is not as simple though. It has to be not just cross-browser, but also cross-platform. A big number of mobile devices made a testing part practically impossible.

Now, web developers have to design something that would be supported on different platforms as well as displayed correctly in varied mobile web browsers. For example, someone who’s got an Android phone can access the Internet using the android browser, installed Opera mini or Firefox mobile browser. It won’t be problematic at all If the smartphone uses a progressive web browser.

Whilst building a mobile website, you can adopt several different strategies. You can either start afresh and build a new website from scratch, or adapt already existing website. The quickest way to get build a new website is to view the existing mobile portal tools. They will let you to create a website in a few seconds and at very little cost.

The websites that you construct are created either from a selection of mobile templates, or by using drag and drop features. However, the range of available functions is quite limited, although most portal builders add new features all the time. The mobile features allow you to add feedback forms, social networks like Twitter, Facebook, etc., have some kind of analytics tools that would tell you where your customers have come from.