In order to attract traffic to your website, it is very necessary that the web page of a particular website looks good. The look of the web page, in short, is the parameter by which users will judge the credibility of your site. The window of your website is the web page which needs to be adorned properly to have a number of web users visiting your website.  A Web designer is entrusted with a tough job of designing the web page in just the right away, avoiding too much of clutter. Use of JavaScript which is a browser based programming language can be used effectively for adding interactive features to the web page. There has to be an engaging factor on the web page which would make the user glued to it once they visit the website. Options are plenty, with just a matter of a click, a web user can move on to the next website which might showcase a better web design.

There are several benefits of using JavaScript for web design. It will help you to improve the quality of visual displays on your web page. A web designer must use JavaScript to give the desired visual effect on the web page.  A web page with HTML will display only a cluster of texts which will give the web page a dull and bland look.

JavaScript makes way for giving page effects which enhance the look of the page. The dynamic effects such as rollover images and scripted slideshows are deftly created by JavaScript.  JavaScript has the ability to create very dynamic image effects which will hook the users to a particular site. The flashy page effects added on the web page will intrigue the users to explore more on that particular website. JavaScript provides endless integration with user plug-ins.

JavaScript validates the inputs put on the form by the client of a website by acting promptly with immediate effect.  JavaScript points out to the client about the simple errors that occurred.  The client of a website gets the feedback early from JavaScript and does not have to wait for the server’s response.

The chief demerit of using JavaScript for web design is that it has the inclination to bloat the web page. This in turn can have an adverse effect on the search engine ranking of your website. The search engine usually looks for good content and relevant keywords to assess the credibility of your web page. If the search engine comes across innumerable lines of Java code it is bound to have a negative impression, which will in turn lower the ranking of your website. You can do away with the problem by safely locking up the JavaScript code in script files supported by .js extension.  Using of JavaScript for web design is instrumental in giving your website that extra edge to score over others.