Using WordPress is the easiest and fastest ways to create a blog site. Within minutes you can get your domain live and active. This is a free blogging platform by the help of which you can get a pre-built site, which is cost effective and time saving.

Many professional web development companies are using this content management system to develop websites that are mainly based on blogs. There are several benefits of WordPress development, and some of them are mentioned under.

Fast and Easy to install- Many web hosting companies run a control panel for the webmasters called cPanelX. If your web hosting company also does the same, then search for “Fantastico De Luxe”, which is an option in the control panel. Click on the icon of that option and the page will redirect to another page where you can add several free applications. Here you can find WordPress link, which you can easily install on your site. Within a few minutes you can easily install WordPress.

Various Themes- along with WordPress some general themes are provided, which are not very attractive. However, you can easily upload custom WordPress theme to your website and add a distinct appearance to your blogs. Most of the WordPress themes are free but some paid versions are also available. However, you can choose from more than thousand WordPress themes to give your site the best possible look.

Enhanced Functionality- You can add desired functionality to your blog site according to your choice. Different types of WordPress plug-ins are created by the programmers that can help you to do what you want in your website. If you visit the website of WordPress, you can access around eight thousand plug-ins. Select the plug-in that you want for your blog site and just download it conveniently. All you need to do is download the plug-in, unzip it and then upload it to your blog’s appropriate plug-in directory. After uploading the plug-in, enter the blog’s admin section and activate the tool.

Free tool- easy to use- WordPress is a PHP developed open source platform where anyone can view its source code. The web programmers find it extremely easy to work on WordPress platform because within the Codex of WordPress there are detailed documentation and various functionalities. Anyone is capable of programming the WordPress plug-ins and themes with a little bit of PHP knowledge.

Auto update – The newer versions of WordPress includes a functionality that will provide you information that new updates of WordPress are available. All you need to do is click on the update icon and it will install automatically.

Therefore, it is evident that developing and maintaining a blog site is quite easier with WordPress.