To consistently crank out new content for your blog can be a very challenging task, to say the least. If you own a website, you know how important it is to keep the site fresh,engaging and audience-oriented. The same rule is applied to a blogger’s block. So, how is it possible to create a great content that would grow your traffic and at the same time attract more visitors? In this article I’d like to reveal some tips that would be helpful to refocus your blog and create quality and interesting posts.

1. The reader is what’s really important

The things you like to read about shouldn’t come first when we talk about blogging. Think of the topics that your readership can be interested in and forget about your personal preferences. Every blog you write and post should be reader-oriented.

When writing a blog it’s essential to instinctively answer the questions that a reader could ask about the industry sector you’re covering. Provide your visitors with unique, interesting and comprehensive information. If you’re covering the technical field, it’s important to give your readers the industry buzzwords.

2. A picture speaks louder than thousands words

You can post interesting and comprehensive blogs, but without visual allure it’s difficult to arouse real interest. Visual allure doesn’t necessarily mean changing colors of your backgrounds or headers, but what it does mean is that you should integrate some imaging in your story. Blogs without pictures look quite extinct and boring, therefore if you’d like to add some appeal to your posts, always illustrate your stories. However, don’t go mad with the amount of pictures. Graphics should only complement the blog.

3. Americancentrism is not advisable

Remember, that more than 90 per cent of your readership are people who don’t live in America. For this reason, they can find your Americancentrism quite distracting and provocative. What is recommended to do is to either neutralize your geographical references or put enough effort to cover the events of the world, not just the USA.