Actually, everyone could be a web developer. And it’s a very true statement. It’s not such a difficult job to build a website (and especially if there’s no need to pay for the tools). What is difficult is to be a good web developer. A good web developer has to meet the following criteria:

  • He should know that it’s absolutely possible to work without specifications. As a matter of fact, he has to be ready to cope with large volumes of projects, in which there’s just no time to create such documents.
  • He also should know that the most important thing in his job is to build a well-functioning project and use the simplest and the cheapest possible technologies, as fast as it can be done. Why the easiest technologies? Because time is what’s important. Why is important? Because there’s a big number of other firms that could do similar job much faster than you and thus, they can easily abduct your potential clientele.
  • He has to be aware of the latest trends, love Internet and be interested in it. That’s a very important prerequisite of web developer’s success. He simply has to love Internet and be interested in all the stuff related with it. Good web developers have accounts on various social media sites so that they can keep up with the latest trends and Internet technologies.
  • You won’t be a good developer if you don’t like to learn new things, read tutorial and documentation. From time to time new releases of popular tools, programming languages and technologies should be studied and tested by good web developers.
  • A good developer is supposed to be on good terms with SEO. SEO is a very important part in web development. Therefore, a good web developer should be able to build a good website for the search engines.
  • Good developers know how important image optimization is. If the site takes ages to load, it’s probably not a good website.
  • A good web developer should know the differences between the major web browsers; and here I’m talking not about cross-browser compatibility (that’s the job of a web designer) but about those differences that make one functionalities possible on the website and others not.
  • A web developer is expected to know at least one programming language. PHP is a must thing. Why? Because there is a big number of websites built in PHP, because WordPress is created in PHP, because it’s easy to find hosting for PHP, etc. The more programming languages you know, the more opportunities you’ve got. You can actually choose what language would ideally meet your new project requirements.