There are thousands of colours and their hues in the world. Colours can be hot, cold, earthy, spiritual and every other shadow of the rainbow. What colours should you use for the website? That’s the question to answer. You may find a lot of pleasantly looking colour combinations as decorating ideas for the site, but you can’t know for definite that they will work for your business.

Colour combinations that you use have to serve several purposes. Firstly, colours should communicate with your visitors and impact the general theme of the site; and secondly, they need to go well together so that people can easily see and read the content.

The most contrast colours are black and white. They are perfect for standard paper books but not for the web. A good choice of colours can become a powerful tool to correctly and clearly distribute information on the site, therefore it should be given serious consideration.

Because of the glowing phosphor of PC monitors a combination of certain colours can easily assault the eyes of visitors. Imagine looking at snow in the bright sunshine, the intensity on visual perception is very similar to this experience.

By the way, you may have noticed that many people tend to print an eBook to study it. The reason is simple. They simply can’t take “the white brightness” and “assault” from most of the monitors. You can try this on yourself: read a page with an absolute white background and then read the same page on a light grey or pastel background. Do you see a difference?

The entire look of the site as well as its colour combination should be pleasing and related to customers’ interests. But what’s even more important is to make sure that the area with the text doesn’t strain people’s eyes.

Another example of bad choice of colours is to use a dark font on the dark background. People find it very difficult to make out the text on such colour combination. The same can be said about using white lettering over a black background.

White background without any compensating colour can be quite stressful on the eyes. If you’ve ever happened to visit such website, you know exactly how easily it is to get irritated losing focus all the time.

All the elements on the site should aim to make the visit of a user a pleasant experience. When creating design elements, a web designer should know all the nuances how to keep from irritating your visitors by the wrong choice of colours.