Style sheet languages are computer languages which are widely used in the Internet. For the reason that people wanted to avoid the use of tables in web design, they sought of other ways to quickly manage the elements on the site. Tables as well as spacers caused a number of problems including bandwidth and accessibility issues. CSS is one of the most successful stylesheet language introduced into the market.

The first introduction of CSS

CSS has become one of the most popular and successful style sheet language that’s been introduced into the market. As the majority of web developers say, Cascading Style Sheet language inherently has been introduced as CHSS (Cascading HTML Style Sheets).

The demand to look for new ways without the use of tables motivated people to create their own style sheet languages which would help to control every element on the site and not get into the use of the HTML table tags. The experts say there were nine style sheet languages which were proposed to the World Wide Web Consortium. Two of the nine were chosen as the basis for CSS and Style Sheet proposal.

CSS that’s known worldwide today is a combination of those two stylesheet languages. Although, there were other style sheet languages that have been used in the industry. They are the DSSSL (Document Style Semantic language) and FOSI (Formatting Output Specification Instance).

Why did CSS grow more popular compared to those two above languages? CSS allowed a document to be modified and be influenced by multiple style sheets. Today, CSS is one of the most popular and well-known style sheet language that’s widely used in the market in the present days.

XSL is considered to be the greatest competitor of CSS because it’s got a few features that CSS lacks. Some webmasters even say that XSL is more powerful than CSS. What is XSL? It’s an Extensible Stylesheet language that has got several capabilities of DSSSL and FOSI. XSL shows much more flexibility and power compared to CSS. However, to use XSL one has got to be well-trained and experienced while CSS doesn’t require such level of training.