All website owners should know that their online business projects have got literally a few seconds to capture visitors’ interest. Now think about all the articles that you’ve happened to read, speeches you’ve heard and books you’ve started to read. What usually arises your interest and encourages you to keep on reading, listening or viewing? Think of all those little things. They are very important! The competition is massive on the web. Therefore you need to meticulously plan all the elements of the site and its content in particular.

The content should be compelling and edgy, but it can’t poke someone in the eye. Bragging and boasting are another undesirable characteristics of the site. The homepage of the website should instantly attract attention. It should be provocative enough to stick to people’s memory and exciting so that they can tell someone else “Hey, mate, this website is worth checking out!” Сhallenge and amusement are those important things that people are looking for when they browse the Internet.

Let’s take a look at those provocative ideas that сould help you to entice more customers.

  • Read a lot. Reading books and relevant publications would help you to draw inspiration and think of original ideas.
  • Don’t overlook a chance to work in a group of advisors. Brainstorm with other people. Being a part of a powerful group of creative advisors is a great way to improve your ideas and make the content really outstanding.
  • Question all basic assumptions. This rule applies not only to your own assumptions but also to those of your advisers and gains. To view the same concept and gain new insights would be beneficial for your content.
  • View all “pros” and “cons” of the concept. People often question their views and basic premises to improve their business.
  • Interview others, use surveys. That’s one of the greatest way to gain new ideas and leverage effective marketing.
  • Join smart online communities to gain new knowledge, skills, insights and understanding how you may be of help to others.

As it’s been mentioned before, a homepage of the site should include clients results such as video and text testimonials. Menus should include case studies, biography, contact information, product and service offerings, advisedly with video explanations.

Longstanding practice shows that there are three key elements that should be accomplished to make a website successful on the Internet and they are design, content and strategy. A design should be professionally designed, attractive and compelling. Images can become an ideal complementation for your content. Content is the most powerful part of the site. It’s got to focus on your visitors’ interests and answer their questions. Besides, you absolutely need to keep it fresh. People don’t usually visit websites with obsolete information on it. Determine how your business is going to represent itself on the Internet, think about it all in details – elements, positions, layout, products, images, etc.