If the plan is to create a blog or a website that would sell products or services, it’s important that you keep the basics of SEO in your mind. Without proper search engine optimization, it’s very unlikely that your site will become successful on the web. Now when we talk about seo, there are certain aspects that have to be considered. One of the most important aspects is to research proper keywords. If you’re trying to sell watches with help of your website, but it ranks for diamond rings for example, you won’t be able to sell. Therefore, it’s important to spend some time and research the right and relevant keywords for your successful SEO campaign.

Google adwords keyword tool

The most commonly used and celebrated tool that’s used for keyword research worldwide is Google adwords keyword tool. With help of this tool it won’t be difficult for you to search for any keyword and find the information that people search for when they go online. This tool will also suggest you some other popular variants of the same keyword. Hence, you will be able to think of short and long tailed keywords for your posts.

Word Tracker

Another popular keyword tool that’s widely used throughout the world is Word Tracker. It’s a simple tool that provides its users with the most relevant and updated keyword results. If you haven’t planned to invest any capital on keyword research, you can use this tool for free. But what you need to remember is that search results are based on traffic coming from the USA only.


The WordStream is another keyword tool that is in great request these days. It helps users to find more than a billion keywords. Use this tool to select the right keywords before you actually start to write the content for your website. By doing so, you will manage to optimize your website for the search engines and enhance its visibility on the Internet.

As an option, you can use all the above tools and use the commonly found keywords for your blogs and website content. Finding the right keywords is essential to SEO. It’s the direct gateway to the IT world!