Making custom web design is of utmost importance in the present time. A website is responsible for driving new customers and generates more sales. Therefore, stylish and attractive web design bridge the gap between drawing attention of the visitors and convert them into the customers. You must shoulder this responsibility to a professional web designer that can design a site as per your customized preferences. Take a look at a few vital aspects to make a custom web design look stylish.

The Design must be Clean
Jumbling your website with different things like unnecessary imagery and content is a common mistake. Such designing diverts the attention of the visitors and it may even result them to ignore the vital aspect of the site. You may decide to include a Flash intro on the home page of your website. It will look attractive and therefore, you think adding up a Flash intro would bring in more customers. However, it is not the fact because the search engines are not friendlier to such pages. If search engines don’t even scan your home page, you know that your site will never generate desired traffic. Therefore, it is not a good idea. Consult with your web designer on how you can implement Flash and other stylish elements without hampering the SEO potential of your website.

Make your Site Interactive
Just designing the site with test input forms and feedback forms do not make your site interactive. The concept is bigger! What you need is the power of Web 2.0 that provides a new dimension to the custom web design services. Implementing the methodologies of Web 2.0 will not only make your site interactive, but very attractive as well. The potential of your website will increase tremendously. For example, if your site is based on blogs, you can use Web 2.0 WordPress design and make it more interactive and appealing.

Centralized Layout of the Site
Web 2.0 helps in designing a website in the professional way. Centralized layout of a web site makes it look professional and attractive. It creates an impression that the site is simple and honest. It creates a good impression about the brand and help in generating good business.

Go Less on Columns
Earlier, it was common to use more columns while designing a website. In some designs even four columns were used where using only three would have been sufficient. At the present scenario, you have to make your website more attractive, interactive and user friendly and hence using two to three columns on the site is good, according to the Web 2.0 technology.

Highlight Different Sections
To make your custom web design more stylish, ask your web designer to highlight the parts of the site that deserve importance. For example, you have mentioned about a new discount on a product, you can ask your web designer to put some effects, colors or bold that offer section on your site. The designers that are familiar with the Web 2.0 design features, can customize your site in the best way