Web design is almost no different to the print design. Both of them require exploring layout and space, colours and fonts and the way to arrange all those elements together in a format so that they can convey the main message of the site. If a developer understands the basics of web design, he can create a professional and good quality website. Let’s take a look at the basics that are very important in web design industry.

Understanding of designing elements

If a web developer understands how to combine designing elements on the site, then he will surely create a web page that will work well. Whether you have to create a business card, a logo or a web page, you need to acquire necessary skills and expertise that are important to become a great web designer and developer.

Use of colours

Colours surround us all the time. Colours literally make our world up and help us see it from different angles and foreshortenings. Colours is what we see all the time and what we dress the whole world up with. You might think that colours have no meanings, but it’s a big delusion. The red or the black aren’t mere colours. They have their own meanings. And they have a great impact on people. Therefore, for a good web designer who’s willing to influence his customers’ decisions and the entire perception of the site, it’s important to know all those meanings.

Web layouts

Layout should be considered at the beginning of web development process. It’s the fundamental of web design. If a master knows how to effectively place elements on the web pages, his website will definitely become successful and easy on the eyes of the visitors.

Images and Graphics

If a client wants to add some frolic to the website, graphics and images will do this job perfectly. Do you remember the proverb “An image is worth one thousands words”? You can apply this proverb to web designing service. Sometimes just “to tell” is not enough. If you’d like to show a certain emotion, image would describe it a hundred times better.


If you launch your website live, there’s always a possibility that visitors may come to the site. On visiting your website, visitors will want to know what your business is all about and what its main purpose is. Thus, they may be interested to click through your web pages. That’s called navigation. And navigation of your website should not be complex, otherwise your prospects may get lost on the site and forced to click away from it. A professionally designed website provides its clients with a clear and user-friendly navigation system so that everyone can find the needed information on the site in short terms.