Starting out a website, people get to know what search engines do and what search engine optimization seems to elude. If you’re not familiar enough with the website and seo, there’s a little chance to succeed on the Internet.

Let’s take a closer look at those things that you shouldn’t do if you’re interested in high website rankings in the search engines. Here are the common mistakes:

  • a lot of people overload their websites with keywords. They try to optimize their homepage for all possible keywords, however, it’s not a good thing. If you believe that the more keywords you manage to squeeze on the homepage, the higher your website rankings will be, you’re wrong. You would most likely appear as “a spammer” for the search engines and your rankings would get worse since the search engines would simply single your website out. Talking about search engine optimization, “less” can be the key to success.
  • meaningless and untargeted keywords. The choice of keywords in Meta tags is very important. All the keywords and phrases have to be relevant and related to your work and business product. Don’t target generic words because it’s a complete waste of time. What’s important and beneficial for your website is to optimize for search terms and phrases that are targeted to your actual business.
  • don’t duplicate the header area. A lot of website “newbies” with very little experience make this type of mistake when they design their websites. Each page should be optimized for different keywords for the reason that any of them can become an entry point to your website from the search engines. Don’t repeat the titles and descriptions in your website. Every page has got its value and should be treated as if it were the most important one. The head area needs optimization means, definitely. Without them search engines won’t direct traffic to your website.
  • No text, too much flash. That’s a typical mistake. For some reason a lot of website owners forget that search engines can’t index images. If you’d like to see your website well-ranked in the search engines, you need to give them exactly what they want to see – text. With no content on the homepage you’ve got a vague chance of getting good rankings. Only graphics on the homepage don’t say a lot about your intelligence.
  • When the title tags aren’t used, it’s a mistake. What you place in the title can make or break the rankings of the website. Don’t overlook your opportunity to improve your search rankings by including the important search phrases in the title tag.