Before you make a decision to put a new business website among thousands of others on the Internet, you need to have a good plan first thing first. Try to picture the face of your company looking back at you from the screen – it’s got to be visually appealing, professional with eye-catching graphics and interesting content that would propel your customers to check you out and stay longer on the site. But before that, think over the strategy for your business website. Define a group of your customers and a mission, choose and buy your domain name, pre-plan all the images, texts and other graphic elements that you want to publish on the site. Budget is another important aspect that you need to consider.

Define your clientele

You may think that it all sounds against common sense, but the essence of your business website is not actually about you! Your website has got to present your business face to the world and look captivating. It is a tool that enables its owner to reach out a lot of new customers and sell the products and services across the country. Here it’s important to know your customers and answer all the questions they might have before they speak them out. By doing so, you can simplify the whole buying process for them. It doesn’t matter whether you’re creating a one or two-page site or a fully functioning site with hundreds of pages and possibly even shopping carts, etc., you need to provide your prospects with contact information such email address, phone numbers and prove them that their personal data are secure. Define your targeted group of customers. How old are they? Are they women, men or kids? What are their expectations? Where do they live? How do these places look like? How smart are your customers? Answer all these questions and see what type of prospects you’re looking for. Now you’re ready to think of website design. Remember, your business website needs to be different to those sites that your competitors have.

Choose your domain name

If you want to become a master of your domain, you need to give it a name. Use your company name if nobody else already owns this domain name. As it happens, a lot of people buy all variations of domain names with hope to cash in later. Search online “domain hosts” to find the most suitable and available domain name.

The content of the site should be customer-oriented. Don’t make it sound like an ad. Keep it simple, clear and yet, informational. If you use “we” referring to your company, address your customers using the word “you”. When writing the content, write it like you’re talking face-to-face. Your prospects will clearly see that here, on your website, they can find all their answers.