A website that is designed beautiful is of no use if it does not have the SEO elements. Why SEO is important? Your website might be of great help to its target audience, but the audience will not be able to find your site if it does not have the SEO norms. It is not very difficult to implement the SEO factors in the web design. It is just about supplying the right tools so that the search engines can proper information to the targeted users.

How to improve the visibility of your site with SEO? Here are certain critical elements that can help in the process.

Keywords and Key phrases
This is the most important to tool that helps the search engines to display results according to the niche. For example, your website feature information about web design or web development services, then including such keywords and phrases would help the search engines to locate your site. Again, just stuffing the keywords like “web design”, “web designer” or “website development” means the web spider will search the similar websites in the whole world for displaying the result. Why you would compete with the rest of the world? Just include the key word combined with the name of the place that you are targeting and the result will be more specific. For example: Ukranian web designer, Bay Area, wordpress web designer, etc.

Though there is no direct impact of meta descriptions in the rankings of the search engines, it is still a good choice to stuff every page with unique meta description. Why? On the result pages of the search engines, these descriptions appear and act as a teaser to the content of the website. The user gets an idea about what the page includes and decides whether to open it or not. A good and attractive meta description that is not duplicate helps the search engines to differentiate between web pages.

Title tags for keywords
The page content of your web page can be identified with the title that appears on the top position of the browser screen. If you tag the title with a small description, including the vital search terms, the search engines will easily locate the page and display in the result.

Combination of graphics and texts
There must be a proper balance between the image and the text content of a web page. Keywords can arrive both in the image file names and in the copy. Do not embed a vital content within a graphic image as the search engines will not be able to read it.

Link exchange
It is important to have incoming links on your site from other sites. Link must be made within your website on a page-to-page basis. The links must be descriptive and include proper keyword.

Google Analytics
With this tool, you can measure the performance of your website. Your website set up Google Analytics tool for you so that you can keep track of the number of hits your site had hot and the sources of traffic as well.