The main aim of a web designer is to tell his customers a story, hiding it behind the graphic visuals and spreadsheet. If a user doesn’t need any extra words to understand it, a designer is a professional. In all other cases, obviously a specialist lacks skills. However, a problem of modern web design industry is a great focus of designers on the overall aesthetic over all other features of the site. They are stalled at some “cool” factor, rather than make their sites speaking without words. When trying to achieve coolness, it’s easy to lose use and informative content of the site.

The say, it’s impossible to create the site that would be both, beautiful and informative. However, it’s not actually true. There are a lot of examples of such sites which present their data in a clear, organized and visually attractive way. And the main link between all of them is their overall simplicity. The best designs are those that are capable to present data without distractions and prettifications. If you belong to people who think that plain data can’t possibly interest customers, you should change your opinion right now. It’s absolutely needless to disguise the data, trying to make it more interesting. Whatever they say, the content has always been the king, and customers, believe it or not, seek information, not embellishments in the form of pictures, etc.

Whatever you thought about charts, they are not a boring part of the site. Using charts is one of the most effective design element to communicate the message to your customers in a clear way. A lot of large-scale corporations, like The New York Times and others, use chart types on their sites big time despite the fact it’s not a new design trickery. Some of the traditions stay popular in spite of the time. Charts is what stands for simplicity and efficiency. Actually, as a design element charts have been used since the 18th century, in this or that way. And for a very good reason! When comparing charts to the other means of design communication tools, it’s one of the most appealing and eye-catchy! In just a few seconds it’s capable to display big numbers and good chunks of information in an intuitive way. Human brains are arranged in such a way to perceive more and better information instinctively. I think, it’s an important peculiarity that can’t be dismissed (in case you want to be a successful designer).