A few years ago people didn’t attach importance to social media. The use of Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. was believed to be just a fad. However, as the time passes by, the importance of social media has become undeniable. You can hear the words Facebook and Twitter now here and there, either from the news or your friends and colleagues. In just a decade, Facebook has gained about 500 million active users from all the corners of the world. Twitter receives about 90 tweets a day. And it’s quite obvious that the popularity of these websites is not going to die down. In 2010, according to the research data, Facebook beat Google in reaching the top place for time that people spent on the site. However, the questions remains if these websites are totally social or they contribute to the business growth.

Another research revealed the data according to which only 28 per cent of small and medium businesses are active in social media. A big number of business owners don’t even think that the use of social media is appropriate for their industry. That’s where they miss out their chance to gain more customers and raise the sales level. As the practice shows social media is worth the money and it always pays off the initial investment.

Fair enough, it would probably be unrealistic to say that every single business that exists in the world should go for social media marketing, but at the same time it would be wrong to overlook such strategy without thorough thinking in the first place. Social media is progressing at a rapid pace. Every week brings news and announcements with regards to the new features and tools on social networking services. As a business owner, you shouldn’t feel intimidated about incorporating social media in your site despite it’s still evolving. It’s better to get on a board and arm your business with the effective tools now whilst the majority of businesses are still learning. But it’s also important to remember that social media doesn’t necessarily generate an instant revenue.

Every business that commits time, energy and money is looking forward to having the return on the investment. However social media doesn’t imply an explicit quantifiable return. It’s a great tool that can help you to promote your business and build a larger clientele. Social media provides your business with a platform that would help to interact with your customers. Use this platform to provide industry updates, links to the articles and posts or showcase new products, designs, releases, etc.

Proper link building of social media significantly increases your rankings in search engines. Both, fresh content and good building of links to your website give weight to achieving top rankings. Social media is the future. It presents in all the spheres of our daily lives, either on TV, radio, the news, conversations with friends, etc. If you’d like to see your business grow, social media is a must, without a shade of a doubt.