The groundwork of any website is surely its layout. Depending on how good it is, it’s almost possible to predict with 100% confidence whether a site is going to be successful or not. Layout is a “skeleton” of design which serves not only as the base of the website, but also its aesthetic and feel. That’s why it’s crucially important to meticulously think over all its details and think through where you’d like to place the text and media content. Unleash your imagination here, but never forget about usability of the site. Being a web designer means to be able to see the whole picture with the eyes of potential customers. Hence, the question on agenda is, “what do you want to see first upon arriving on a site?” How would you like to communicate with users through the message? What tools would you like to use? Having got the answers on all those questions, you can start designing, but not until then.

A great idea is to use 3D line animation that would start when the page loads. You can offer your customers to click an arrow or the button “Play” in order to proceed toward the content. Such websites look interesting and attractive. Automatic slideshows that play in the background is another effective way to attract users to the site. Add to it a user-friendly and straightforward navigation bar, colorful blocks with menus and media content and you’ll get a nice and visually attractive design. Always experiment! During experiments you will definitely find a lot of new tricks to implement in your projects. A good idea is to play with the corners, making them either square or round. Change the width of frameworks, add drop-shadows, play with overlay effect to add new tints to your color palette, try various shapes, change the size and scale, and so on and so on.

Layouts with large-scale images look very dynamic. You can greet your visitors with a nice photo on the main page and tacky headline in bold. You can even place the text content on this page, scattering it across several sections. You may think it would look chaotic, but you’re wrong. Each section is defined by a different background color, and the combination of such colorful sections makes the grid. While playing with such grid, you will definitely invent a lot of new designs, making them look more and more interesting!

Some designers like to use videos on their sites, other don’t. I guess, all of them have got their reasons. However, at some perspective, videos can be very useful. A known truth “A picture speaks louder than thousands words” works here flawlessly. If the picture speaks louder than thousands words, videos can speak MILLIONS of words and sentences. Well, and it’s worth mentioning that it really SPEAKS! By posting a video clip on a page, you can introduce potential customers with your team, your work, your projects, you can describe and show what you do. Videos are capable to inspire confidence of your customers faster than any other means of social communication, of course, without taking into consideration your home address and the details of bank account, lol.