It’s always helpful to learn your lessons from some other’s experience and mistakes. It’s even more helpful when we’re talking about new field such as web development, where all things are new and require certain training.

Here’s the list of some of those mistakes that web developers and designers do. Hopefully, this list will help you to avoid making the same mistakes in the future.

1. Not getting a domain name earlier. Without having your own domain name, the URL is going to change. It means that every time it’s been changed you will need to start getting search engine listings all over again. From the experience of professional webmasters, I have to say that this practice usually leads to losing a good deal of customers. Believe me, pages that redirect people to the new website won’t be as effective as you probably expect. Another obvious downside of not getting a domain name is inability to get into some affiliate programs that require availability  of your own domain name. The domain name also provides your website with certain credibility. Besides, another advantage of getting your own domain name is increase of traffic to the site.

2. Not joining an affiliate program earlier. It’s important for a website to have some type of advertisers who would market and tell about your company to the target audiences. You won’t regret about wasted time and effort upon joining affiliate programs even you’re just starting out.

3. Not promoting your website. It’s essential to understand that promotion matters not only when you firstly launch your  website live. It’s a long time process. However, the payback is phenomenal. An increased number of visitors would be your outcome. Submitting your website to the search engines is great, however, promotion involves much more processes. You need to make your web pages search engine friendly so that they appear on the first pages of search results pages. The keywords you use have got to be relevant to the industry and your business.

4. Not starting a newsletter earlier. If this paragraph surprised you, then you probably don’t realize the value of newsletter for your website. Newsletters bring benefits for both, you and your visitors. That’s a good way to inform your customers about new stuff and those things they’re interested in at your website.