1. It’s imperative for web developers to build sites with a customer in mind. Not all customers are tech savvy, therefore a proper content management system should make sense to the users first thing first. As a web developer you can find a CMS that you can fall in love with and be satisfied with the way it works. But the most important factor in site is whether or not a customer can use it like he or she imagines it should work.

Thus, it would be a sensible idea to pick a CMS with a simple admin interface. You will always be able to customize it to meet the customers’ needs in the future.

2. Bigger is better. Don’t agree to use CMS, whether it’s an open source or not, that claims to have a big number of followers. You can hear all kind of promises but you’re not guaranteed to get a helpful user community and all those beautiful extensions and plugins. It’s a trap! The number of users doesn’t make a system good.

There is a big amount of users who insist on using Linux, for example. However, there is a big number of opponents who would say different. Another reason why people choose such types of CMS is because they’re tempted with a number of developers who work on web application. But you need to remember, that developing a great product is not as easy as writing a check. What’s really important is who is behind the product.

3. Working with a little guy. That’s another extreme that usually takes place after unfortunate run of a big platform. Overly simplistic CMS would not give you the desired results. Always make sure that the cms you’ve gone for has got all extensions with the functionality that you personally need. Don’t be in a rush to invest in the CMS unless you know for sure what you’re offered.

4. A lot of Internet users don’t do sufficient research and сhose a content management system that doesn’t meet all their needs and requirements. Therefore, it’s important to view and learn all pros and cons of the cms before making a decision.

A proper content management system should be easy to install. It’s got have a simple and coherent interface with extensions and plugins for extra functionality.