Have you ever thought about impact that your blog design has got over your visitors? If you’re running a blog as a business (or a part of it), brandability is an important aspect that should be considered. And if you’re interested in pulling off a successful job, design is very important. Having a clear and user-friendly design together with excellent content is the best thing you can do to help your blog to succeed on the Internet. Now shall we take a closer look at those secrets that would help you to create an outstanding and successful blog design.

  • Logo. I will repeat it once again – good branding is important for any business, and blog is not an exception. The logo is obviously the first thing that should be considered. Take some time and imagination, and create not just good but excellent logo that would be memorable, classy and simple. Logo is actually a face of your blog, therefore make it look decent and presentable.
  • Your steps towards uniqueness shouldn’t stop with creation of logo. If you’re serious about creating a successful blog, you need to go for a creative theme as well. The right background illustrations can create a special atmosphere of your blog that would propel your visitors to come back to it over and over again.
  • Favicon. You might be surprised to find out what an impact favicons usually have! They are the images that are going to be seen a lot. Readers see them on tabs, next to bookmarks and in the address bar too. Favicons is another great way to improve your branding and create a unique face for your blog.
  • Simple subscription. It’s the key to a successful blog and you need to do everything you can to promote your blog. Of course, shoving your feed in people’s faces won’t be a good idea. however it should be visible to those ones who are interested to subscribe to your blog. Imagine that you want to subscribe to a blog, but the rss is hidden somewhere down in the sidebar or footer.
  • Show your personality. It’s been said many times before but still it’s worth mentioning – show a person and character behind the site. Web is a personal place and it does make a difference when you go to the site and see a person behind it. All the pages should let your personality shine through.
  • Don’t make your readers work hard to find the needed information on your blog. The navigation of the site has to be clear and reader-friendly. It would be a good idea to design some secondary navigation to show some other popular or related posts.