Your blog design can be a prominent and distinctive feature of your company that would separate you from a big number of other weblogs out there on the Internet. Without a shade of a doubt, first impressions are important, therefore, you need to make sure that you have all the elements of a great blog. In addition, the content you present on the site should be fresh and interesting for reading. In this article I’m going to tell you about those characteristics that define a solid web design.


Good readability is one of the most important element of a great blog design. The background and the foreground colors have sufficient contrast to make the content of the site well-readable. There are many tools on the site that could help you to test the design’s colors. The initial idea of creating a blog is to reveal news and interesting content to the potential consumers. Therefore, you should think of all little things that could make your text easier to read. A line-spacing for the paragraphs and longer blocks of text would serve this goal. Of course Internet users can change the size of the fonts via their web browser, however, it’s got to be initially quite large (about 12-14px).

Focus on the content

The most important element on the site is content. Therefore, your readers shouldn’t get distracted by the design of the blog. You may think different, however it’s true that a good focus on the site can make your visitors subscribe to you and repeatedly come back to your weblog. Some great advice to emphasize on the content is to make a header section not too tall so that visitors with smaller screen sizes can easily see the post title.

Good findability

Posts should be easy to find on the weblog. If a visitor doesn’t have to spend ages on the site to find the needed information, it’s surely a sign of a solid weblog design. A strong design navigation is the key element that entices users to click on other posts and sections of the website. Present your content in a decent way and make all the related posts easily accessible.

Integration with social networking

Your visitors will greatly appreciate an opportunity to share the content of your weblog within the networks. Today a lot of people share the information that they’ve read on places like Twitter, Facebook, and Digg. Make it trouble-free for your readers to do that.

The effective visuals in the blog
A lot of weblogs fail because of poorly designed images that are posted on the site. Figure captions would definitely help you to make images more attractive and add them more meaning to the readers. If you reveal some data on the blog, make sure to use data visualization such as graphs and charts. It would help you to present even boring information in a more attractive way. Besides, the use of data visualization also helps readers to better comprehend the information.

If you know more blog design tips that would help to make a blog look great, please, share your thoughts in the comments below.