Gone in less than a minute? That’s a problem that most web designers have to deal with. Most of their visitors click away from the website in a flash, literally within first few seconds. The present times are known for general people’s impatience. No one has got any spare time to wait. A second more for the website to load makes the user lose interest in it at all. Now you need to think of all the ways to get a visitor hooked and attracted to your website.

A great solution would be to have an eye-catchy component on the site that would instantly grab the attention of visitors. Such focal point would make your visitors want to stay longer on the site. However, it’s distinct and memorable. The focal points are created to hold on the attention of the user and the main concept that a web site is tailored to convey.

The fundamentals

If you place too many focal points on the site, they can spoil the entire web design. Too many cooks spoil the broth; that’s just the same as too many focal points spoil the design. Think of only one centre of attraction in your design. In practice it’s proved that having more than one centre of attraction is like having no focal point at all.

However, there’s nothing wrong in having two attention seeking points where one should have a call-to-action. And having those two attention points a designer has to make sure that they’re both well-distinguishable by a user. There are many many ways to differentiate them. The difference can lie in their position, colour, size, graphic and even text. But before you decide to allocate such attraction points on the design, ask somebody for an opinion.

Where to allocate the centre of attraction?

The most expected answer would be to allocate it on the homepage. And it’s probably the best page to get your visitor hooked. However, that’s exactly the mistake that a majority of web designers keep on doing when create a centre of attention on the landing page. As a rule, they miss out a very important point – every page should have a centre of attention. If you work with a non-scrollable page, you’ve got much more to experiment with. Make something simple look impressive and prominent.

The ways to create the attraction points

In the modern world with all available tools it won’t be a difficult task to get needed attention of your visitors. What’s important though is to be able to mix up the new and impressive elements together. Typography is one of the formulas that can help you to grab people’s attention. It’s beauty that attracts first. Of course, different font sizes can do a lot, but it is colour that actually grabs the visitor’s attention. A picture can speak a thousands words. It’s a well-known fact that people perceive graphical material far better than just a plain text. However, excess of everything is bad, the design has to remain beautiful. Buttons is another prominent and widely used graphic option that could become a great centre of attraction point because of its huge size and visible dominance.