Before considering an idea to build a website, it’s important to clearly define its concept and what you’d like to achieve with your website on the market. If you’ve made your mind to start out a website only because everybody else has got one, it’s not a valid reason. To build and maintain a website is not cheap. Therefore, you need to know your website goals for definite. A professionally designed website can say a lot about the company. A professionally designed website can reflect the entire concept of the business.

If you’ve decided to have a website designed, don’t use one designer or one web design studio. At first you may think it’s a great idea to have many creative minds who pour their ideas but as a matter of fact, it’s not. The most important aspect of any good web design is consistency. If you have several designers trying to embody their own vision in your website design, it will look like a crazy quilt with no single theme at all. Your readers would easily get confused on visiting such website. I bet you wouldn’t like such website yourself.

The next thing to consider is that information that you share on the print material shouldn’t be identical to the information on your website. If your visitors have already read all the brochures, catalogues and booklets, they wouldn’t be interested in reading the identical information on the site.

Give your customers some relief and publish fresh and interesting information. People will be thankful to find an exclusive and unique content, that’s the least. Leave all those numerous words, mottos, slogans, etc. on the printed media. A website should focus mainly on the things that may be of your prospective clients’ interest.

Now talking about printed material, don’t ever forget to include the address of your company. If you’ve already paid for the brochures and catalogues, make the most out of them. Tell your readers about your company and its offerings and evoke people’s interest to learn more about your product(s).

But it has to be said once again, make sure your website doesn’t display the same material that your printed media do. Just imagine how disappointed people would be when visiting your website and finding the same things they’ve already seen.