In this article I’d like to review those three ways that would help you to get people visit your website and keep them come back.

First thing first, you need to tell people that you have a website. You may think that this is the most obvious thing on the “must do” checklist. However, in reality there are many website owners who don’t invest either their money or time in promotion of business websites on the Internet. All the business literature that is posted on the site should contain your site’s address (business cards, faxes, invoices etc. If you’re using email to stay in contact with your prospects, incorporate a signature that will appear at the end of every message that you send. Such signature can contain your name, position, company’s name, web address and a phone number.

Encourage repeat visitors. According to the research, when visiting the site, many visitors decide if they wish to do business with a certain company or not. I will share with you some of the ways that encourage visitors to come back to your website:

  • keep your website updated. Nothings frustrates your visitors more than a website that’s poorly maintained. You have to check your website and make sure that all information is current and relevant. Besides, it’s got to include contact information, personal stuff and prices (if you represent products or services).


  • it shouldn’t be difficult to use. If the design of your website looks poor and the content is difficult to find, your visitors won’t want to waste their time and will definitely move to another website. People are usually notoriously impatient. Therefore, make sure that all your pages and links are clearly laid out on the site.


  • make sure that your website works fast. Today more and more people use high speed broadband connection, and yet, there is a significant number of those users who use slow dial-ups to get connected to the Internet. The obvious thing is that people won’t come back to the site that they know is very slow.

Register and optimize your website for the search engines. You may find companies that would offer you to submit your website to hundreds of search engines, but actually, there are just a few major search engines that are really important. Others can simply get the email and use it for sending you spam messages. To effectively optimize your website for high rankings, it’s essential to post good, interesting and relevant content. This is what search engines base on when bring the site up or down in the search results page.