How is it possible to market and push company website forward without getting stuck along the way in the abundance of thousands already existing websites? Here, it’s important to be able to deal with the bigger issues that designers face when they launch a website live.

1. The deadline should be clear. It may sound a simple concept, however, in practice many companies have a trouble keeping up. Don’t let your problems grow over time and always reevaluate the progress, making corresponding adjustments. You should be able to complete the job within the arranged time frame.

2. Perfection. You should understand that the site won’t be totally perfect, therefore it’s got to be changeable. Launch it live and learn from the customer’s views what’s got to be modified.

3. Lack of engineering thinking. When starting out a project, try to incorporate engineering thinking into the early stage of the site. It is a dynamic project, and engineers are those masters who are able to find answers and explain why this or that feature “won’t work”.

4. The goals of web project should be clear. If the development team is not aware of the objectives that a business wants to achieve, they will get stuck in a vicious circle of chasing ideas.

5. Creative approach and interface talent. Web site can’t just suddenly come together by itself. Therefore, you need to make sure that the team you hire is professional and experienced enough to understand the concept of your business and construct web pages. That’s the key to a successful project.

6. Project planning. All the questions should be asked right at the beginning. It’s never going to be easy in the middle of the process.