If your business has already had an experience of working with Content Management Systems such as Joomla and WordPress, you may wonder whether there is a chance of finding a better cms solution to run your business. Fortunately, just recently one of the most flexible and functioning cms solutions has set off a new version, Drupal 7. This cms is known as easy maintenance and a powerful mix of tools that help to effectively run business.

Drupal is a popular open source content management system that provides its users with flexibility to edit, modify, share and distribute the content (texts, video files, etc.) Drupal is more than a content management system. It’s a Software as a Service solution (SaaS) and web application development framework that’s used by thousands of people around the world. Drupal cms is an ideal option for small businesses and easily scalable for large organizations.

You may have used a number of content management systems in the past and noticed that none of them is perfect. Some of them function better than the other. Drupal will let you take advantage of the ever-evolving community platform that drupal developers upgrade on a regular basis. The platform is run by people who care about its functionality and performance. It’s one of the biggest open source platform known in the world. You will never be stuck without support if suddenly your developer leaves the business. When using Drupal cms you will always have an access to all future upgrades and multiple features.

  • Drupal design is free. However, a certain number of CMS systems charge monthly or yearly fees. As it happens, those costs are not always disclosed to the small businesses. Besides, the cost for subscription sometimes can rank from a hundred bucks to sometimes thousands of dollars. On the contrary, drupal is absolutely free. There are no hidden fees.
  • Drupal web design is flexible. When it comes out of the box, it’s actually ready to showcase your brand. From the first seconds you can design and customize your Drupal website to match your business needs and requirements.
  • Drupal is search engine friendly. At the moment when you launch your website online, search engine optimization becomes an important part of your business’s marketing strategy. Drupal-based websites are initially search engine friendly. They display the content in a way that search engines find irresistible.
  • Drupal development is fast. Very often time indicated the cost of the project. The good news is that it takes several hours to deploy a quality Drupal-based website. And what’s even more important is that you don’t need to start from scratch.