Web design technologies change together with time and user habits, and it’s nothing we can do about it but adjust to them and watch for new trends. What novelties is 2015 going to bring to web design industry? What should we wait for?

The main focus of modern web has remained to be responsive design. Responsive designs have confidently intruded in the industry and gained incredible popularity worldwide. Web designers work hard to make sites more interactive and user-friendly. They work on navigation and media content, turning simple elements into functional parts of the design. And yet, the upcoming year brings some new trends you should be aware of (if you are anyhow connected to web design industry).


It’s not surprising that mobile industry is flourishing today. Users actively use tablets and smartphones for different purposes. Most of them forgot when they used their laptops for the last time. This all means that modern developers consistently create new mobile versions of their sites in order not to lose a big group of potential customers. This is where the job of a web designer is to provide a functional, responsive and yet, beautiful web design to come to liking of users and be useful and appropriate across all available channels.


SVG vector format hasn’t lost its popularity since last year. And it’s obvious why. Upon using SVG format, all your assets will be easily adapted to any screen size and if the need be, beautifully animated so that the size looks modern, stylish and alive. More likely this trend will be used this year too.

Large-image, dynamic backgrounds

We often saw large-image backgrounds on web pages last year. This year this trend is gaining momentum! Designers release new amazing designs that attracts views and attract people by magical invisible magnet. Actually, it’s difficult to imagine that this trend fades away soon, taking into consideration incredible popularity of 3D movies today.Obviously users will also expect to see new 3D technologies, implemented in designs. This gonna be an interesting experience for web designers, to learn how to balance all complexities of 3D graphics. But in all honesty, this would be a turning point in the evolution of web design! HD quality video backgrounds is another trend that should enter web design industry this year.

Cutified typography

You cannot possibly underestimate importance of typography. It does affect overall aesthetics (and of course, usability) of the site. Besides, it’s the main means to convey a message to the customers. 2015 will witness bigger and bolder fonts that ensure a better user experience.

Ghost buttons

An interesting design element that makes an interface of the site look really stylish and elegant is a ghost button. It’s a great means to attract users’ attention in a subtle way. Besides, ghost buttons look really cool on large-image backgrounds. Considering all this, it’s more likely we’ll see more of them appearing on the pages of different web sites.

Of course all these trends are not exactly new. However their popularity is growing at an unprecedented speed. That is why if you’d like to please your clients with outstanding and exclusive web designs, bare in mind the last trends and observations. With all this information considered, your designs will always look fresh, elegant and trendy