Before going any further, let’s put it straight right from the start, it takes a lot of efforts, energy, determination and time to become a top WordPress developer. If you think, this is just a few steps process, you know very little about web design. It’s a daunting task that requires expertise and professionalism from a designer. You can install WordPress cms, read some tutorials, learn how to customize themes, but these all won’t necessarily mean that you’ll get the title of a top WordPress designer. You can become an expert, but on a larger scale, you’ll be just an average person with some commonplace skills.

Reasons to become a top developer

If you get yourself involved in WordPress development, why not strive to be the best? There are too many experts and average specialists on the market, and very few professional web designers who are capable to work with total dedication. If you become a top notch WordPress website designer, you will have the following benefits:

  • decent salary, bigger than any other average designer can earn;
  • great audience;
  • a freedom of choice what projects to agree on and what to decline;
  • have great impact in the industry;
  • to some extent shape the future of WordPress.

If you firmly decided to be one of the best, you’d have to find at least one hour a day to learn more about WordPress content management system. Don’t like learning and reading? Unfortunately, that’s a compulsory path to success with no other ways around it. You will have to master your skills all the time by learning and reading more about WordPress. Eliminate all the things that distract your attention, and spend at least one hour reading and taking notes about WordPress cms.

Speak to the right people

When they say that we become very much alike to those people who we spend a lot of time with, they actually don’t boggle. Planning to become a top notch WordPress web designer? Join a few communities where highly qualified designers like to hang out and share their knowledge. Read what they say, attend various conferences, follow them on Twitter, read their interviews and so on and so on. Always look for a new channel to get valuable information and learn something new. A good idea would be to use what they recommend and provide them with a feedback. By doing so, you will have a great interaction, an option to fix your own errors yourself and personally grow.

Read new material

Use all the sources to read new material about WordPress and don’t forget to experiment. Try to always practice what you’ve learned. Experience on your own projects and try to improve them in every little way. Being a top notch WordPress designer means a lot of experiments, practice and knowledge. These are the key drives that may bring an average designer to the top of design industry. But you should be ready to demonstrate true ambitions and dedication. Otherwise, you’ll never leave the comfort zone, remaining to be just an expert, a designer with occasional projects.