What makes a web designer a professional is understanding of what a truly beautiful website needs – love, time and skills. It’s impossible to create a site without those three components. They are 3 pillars which web design is based on. In this article I’d like to share with you some of the tips and tried methods that would definitely give your website a good feel and outstanding look. Upon using these methods, you will greatly improve user’s experience and make them leave with smiles and satisfaction.

Always work from scratch

No matter how many successful websites you’ve done in the past, you should always work from scratch and completely forget about old designs. Every new site should be exclusive, be it a blog, author website, e-commerce, etc. Every element should have its sense and purpose. You need to be able to explain your customers your thought process by using colors, media content, backgrounds and typography. If you see that there’s something on a site without any purpose or reason, don’t hesitate to remove it. Otherwise, you’ll distract your customers from the main message. Using one and the same design elements from previous projects isn’t the best practice. By doing so, your website will simply get lost amongst the endless flow of other websites.

Invest your time and efforts into customization

It goes without saying that stock photos and vectors can save you a lot of time, however they will never give users a unique experience on a website! And this is where you may lose. If you want to succeed with a website, invest your time and efforts in creating custom icons and graphics. Such investment will undoubtedly bring incredible results! As they say “what goes around comes around”. The more you invest in a project, the more you will get from it!

Interactivity goes ahead

When working on design, don’t forget that a fundamental block of any site is the content. That’s why your design should be invisible. You may find it weird, however that’s the way it should work. A professional has got to create such design that would effectively fetch out the text content. But on the other hand, users are quite bored of static text and images. They crave for something more interactive, something more exciting and stimulating! And a good web designer is supposed to provide them with such web design. Use content sliders, lightboxes, tooltips, modal windows and other interesting points of interaction and “exhibit” the main message of a site in the most favourable light. But beware, too much interactivity is also not very good. Everything is good in moderation.